Children & Families FAQs

How soon after the shoot do we view our photos and how do we view them?

You can view your photographs approximately 10 days after the shoot.

At the time of the shoot we will arrange a date for you to come to view your images at our home studio near Harpenden. Viewings take place during the week in the day or evening and take around 2 hours. During this time we will show you a slide show of the images that will be in a mixture of colour and black and white. Then, guided by you we will help you to narrow down your favourites and choose how you would like them displayed. Framed images will be ready 4-5 weeks after ordering. Full payment is required before your order goes into production.

If there are family members that cannot attend the viewing we can send them an online gallery to view.

Should be bring anything to the photo shoot?

If your photo shoot is in the studio with a toddler or young child:

Yes, feel free to bring your child’s favourite teddy, and any other toys that they enjoy playing with. This will help them to relax in an unfamiliar environment. Once settled we can use these behind the camera to gain their attention and create some happy reactions. A change of clothes and snack is a good idea incase the shoot over runs.

If your photo shoot is on location:

It’s a good idea to bring a drink and a snack for your little ones. Feel free to bring a change of clothes. If they have a favourite comforter or toy bring it along. It will play a huge part in your child’s memory and you may like to include it in some of the photographs, even if it is a bit grubby and dishevelled!


What happens if it rains on the day of the shoot?

Don’t worry, we are happy to reschedule if it rains on the day.

What should we wear for our photo shoot?

Your choice of clothing is yours, we would however suggest to avoid stripes and bold text on clothing as this can be distracting.  Some clients choose to coordinate similar colours for the family but most importantly wear something that you feel good in and for children that they are comfortable in. If you can’t decide, you can always bring a change with you!