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We’ve done a great deal of enjoyable work for press releases, biographies, newsletters, magazine articles, prospectuses and websites. We’ve undertaken projects ranging through education and child-care to accountancy, banking, leisure and health. We relish working directly with clients engrossed in whatever they do and believe in blending into the background so they simply forget we’re there, enabling us to get some marvellous, natural shots of unselfconscious concentration, laughter and interaction.

There’s no better way to build your brand than by illustrating who you are and what you do, whether it’s for a prospectus, a brochure, an event, end of year report or a recruitment campaign. In fact, any type of project can only be enhanced by a genuinely honest view of life within your organisation. If you think the same way we do, give us a call and trial our service for your next project.

Do you need photographs of personnel which convey genuine emotion, that share a real smile that would deepen your business profile? Having the right photographs of your business, in your business is proven to substantiate your brand and in turn deepen brand awareness.

Do you need a new prospectus? A brochure? Is there an activity that you need captured or is there a marketing campaign that needs new energy? Do you need photographs for your new website or Facebook site? Do not make the mistake of underestimating how powerful these photographs will be to a potential client. The right images will help you build business relationships without you even knowing it!

We have extensive experience working with a broad spectrum of clients in education and child care including Universities, Schools, Nurseries and Playgroups. We work directly with learners, children and babies. There is no project that is too small, or indeed to large.

Why not trial our service for your next photography project. Telephone us or email [email protected] for your quote.

For more information on business and personal head shots please visit our dedicated site, Perfect Light Photography