Digital Pinhole

May 23, 2010

I have been really curious to experiment with making a pinhole image using my digital SLR, so the other day I gave it a go. I had made one with film during my studies of photography and liked the idea of capturing an image without a lens!  The principal of light is the same so I set about making the pinhole with my digital camera.  I love the dreamy, hazy look and seeing instant results.  The circumference of the hole is not a perfect circle as it is greatly exagerated when the light passes through the hole on to the camera  sensor illustrating the irregular hole opening made by the drill bit,  which I kind of like.  Anyway here are my first attempts below.

For the photographers out there the specs are:

50 ISO @ 5 secs


This one is: 250 ISO @ 10 Secs


The hole just drilled into the middle of the body cap. Taken off the camera first! (Not done whilst still on the camera)