Family Celebrations FAQs

Do we receive all our images on a memory stick?

If you choose a digital file only option then yes.  You will receive all the edited high resolution images.  This will be around 500 images.  We only supply edited images and we never supply images straight from camera.

If you are having an album collection, as part of the price of the collection you receive the same images that you choose to include in the album as high resolution files on a memory stick.

How do we view our photos and how soon can we see them?

When we meet to discuss your photography requirements we will put a date in the diary for your viewing.  This will be approximately 2 weeks after your event.  Viewings take place during the week in the day and can take 3-4 hours. During this time we will show you a slide show of the images that will be in a mixture of colour and black and white. Then, guided by you we will help you to narrow down your favourites for your album.

If there are family members that cannot attend the viewing we can send them an online gallery to view.

What backup plan do you have it it rains on the day?

We will always seek out a location to photograph family groups prior to the day. If it’s raining then this will be inside and lit by window light or studio lighting which we bring to every shoot regardless of the time of year.