Family photo shoot in St.Albans

February 17, 2011

The next family shoot we wanted to share with you was taken at Louise & Iain’s home in St.Albans with their two children.

They had a beautiful large garden which we took all the photos in, and although a little nippy (early November shoot) the light was gorgeous.

“We knew we wanted to capture some moments with the kids, but were not excited by a studio experience.  Having recently moved to our new house we felt it would be special to have some photos in the garden to chart their growing up in our new home.  I saw an advertisement in the NCT Seeds and Saplings magazine, and after reviewing the website and talking to Emma felt that a family shoot at home was ideal.

Other than wedding photos this was our first experience of a photo shoot.  We were pretty daunted, but the warm and relaxing approach of Ian & Emma definitely made it a fun experience.  The fact that the kids were relaxed too is a testament to the fact it wasn’t staged or forced as an experience, the quality of the shots equally reflected this and were exactly what we were looking for.

We are delighted with the choice of shots and quality.  You really want to see things that you couldn’t hope to take yourself, and Ian did an amazing job, taking full advantage of the light and setting.

The viewing experience was exceptionally organised, fun and helpful. We would have floundered around for a long time if we had just been left to review them!”

Louise & Iain Plunkett – St.Albans