The other day we received our first e-mail from my nephew Thomas, he has just turned six.  It was such a surprise and soooo cute that I just had to share it.

To auntie emmey and uncle Ian,

Wher are you now and what are you doing?

Did you know that we have a new TV!          When you come next you will be able to see it I am shor you will,ador it.

Lots of love thomasxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

So of course I replied exclaiming my excitement and awaited my reply….we had been demoted to simply ian and emma in this one!

To ian and emma,

I have got sum more brillant fantactic news for both of you it is fab  I have a zhu zhu pet!

It has a carry thing and a blanket!

I know you are thinking what is a zhu zhu pet is well a zhu zhu pet is sumthing when you click his back he says go go go and moves everywher.

The other thing he can do when you click his nose he speaks he is fab! he is a hamster!!!

love thomasxxxxx

His enthusiasm is just bursting out, it just makes me smile.  Love the innocence in his spelling too.  When it comes to spelling, Ian and I are not much better, how embarrassing is that!