Our little pickle is 1 today!

The 27th February 2012, our precious Amy Rose was born at 11.35am.  Due on the 29th and a leap year, we were delighted that she was early so she didn’t miss out on any birthdays!

She was born at Luton and Dunstable hospital after a planned home birth didn’t go quite to plan but hey, she arrived safe and well and that’s all that mattered.  Home birth, are you mad I hear you say!  Maybe, but I would choose it again.

As we didn’t blog any photos when she was born, we have a few to share now!  Here is a tiny snippet from our wonderful first year as parents.  Thank you to those of you who have shared in our excitement and played a part in Amy’s first year, we love you lots.  We hope you enjoy the photos below.

2 minutes old, aawwww, gets me every time!

Day one in the world

A few weeks old and they’ve stuck me in a fruit bowl!

Early to her favourite baby class, busy babes.

With thanks to Water Babies

How did that one get in there!  First shopping trolly experience with best buddy Kenzie!

!st Christmas, just magical.

With massive thanks to Tamie & Paul for this one, yours will follow very soon 🙂