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Newborn & Sibling


Bump & Baby


Our approach

With a young family of our own we know what a magical time this is.

No words can describe the intimacy and sheer love that has developed between you and your bump, over the months.

We hope that the images we capture for you will seal those precious memories forever.

Pregnancy photo shoots

Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your fourth – celebrate!

Unless you are having twins, or more, plan your shoot around week 34, sooner if you are expecting twins. Your photo shoot will take place at our comfortable home studio near Harpenden.

You may wear as much or as little clothing as you like. As this may be the first time you have posed nude or semi nude, rest assured your photographs will be taken as discreetly as possible. We have a selection of fabric to drape and flatter your shape and suggest avoiding tight underwear on the day of the shoot. Children, husband, partner, or just your self, the choice is yours.

The shoot itself can take one to one and a half hours.

Feel free to call to have a chat about your requirements for your photo shoot on 01582 469003.

Newborn photo shoots

We offer a personal one to one session with you and your baby at our comfortable home studio.

We have everything that you need, to allow you to relax while we capture you and your baby. We can take photographs of your baby before a feed, when they are contented after a feed and asleep. This takes time and we will give you that time during your shoot. There is no rush. The most important part of your shoot is that you feel relaxed, if you are, more often than not your baby will be too.

The best time to capture your newborn baby is in the first couple of weeks from birth. This will be different for babies that are premature so it’s best to have a chat to discuss your shoot while you are still pregnant. We are happy to pencil in a date for your newborn shoot based on your due date, which of course can be changed if needed. We know little ones arrive when they choose so can be flexible with your shoot date.

The shoot itself can take two to three hours depending on how little one is on the day.  There’s no need to worry, we have lots of experience with our own children and past clients.  We will keep you topped up with drinks and snacks and give you privacy to feed your little one when necessary.