“We were so excited to see our wedding photos online today it brought back so many happy memories. I can’t believe its just over 2 weeks since our big day, it feels like longer already.

Thank you again to you and Ian for being there on our special day. We felt so relaxed in your company and you were also a real help on the day in terms of guiding us along and making us feel calm. Looking at the photos brought back memories of how excited we were, I have never seen so many photos of Nick and I genuinely smiling! They are great. I also like the fact that we have a photo diary of the day it is something we can always treasure. We were really impressed by how organized you both were, you kept things moving but in an unobtrusive way.”

We love our signing frame and it made it back to LA in one piece. Thank you for making sure all the guests signed it, it was little touches like that, that were a real example of your enthusiasm and commitment. Thank you again Emma and Ian, the whole wedding was truly ‘awesome’!”