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Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire

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Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire

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Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire

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About us

First of all let us tell you about us. We are a husband and wife team of photographers covering London, Buckinghamshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond. Furthermore, we are affiliated with the Master Photographers Association, we love nothing more than a good celebration, so you get the benefit of having your day shot from our different perspectives and style, giving you unique wedding images. And because we’ll all have had a chance to get to know each other during the planning and at your engagement shoot (all part of the service), you’ll feel you’re simply being photographed by friends.
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It’s your day

Most of all it’s your day, we are there to capture it, not to take over. We will arrange your group photos from a list you have given us and suggest a good time to start these then take some photographs of the two of you. Apart from that you won’t know we are there.
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What if something goes wrong?

We have 4 cameras between us, one we use and one backup each, so you needn’t worry about backup, we have it covered!
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What if it rains?

If it rains on the day, don’t worry, we have portable studio lighting that we can take pretty much anywhere so you will still have beautifully lit photographs inside. It’s unlikely that it will rain for the whole day so when it clears, we can take some outside shots even if it’s after the meal.
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What happens before the wedding?

We believe that it’s important to meet up and find out about your day as we not only want to meet your expectations but to exceed them. This way you will be able to take a look first hand at the unique albums we produce for our couples and we can understand your requirements for your wedding photographs. We are available to meet in Wheathampstead Monday to Thursday during normal business hours or in the evening. Please contact us to put a date in the diary to meet.
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What happens after the wedding?

Care and attention to detail is important to us, not only when we take the photos, but after the wedding when we edit them, show them to you at the viewing and design them in the album.
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Want to discuss your big day with us?

So, you’ve read this far, why not give us a call today to tell us about your big day? We’d love to hear from you. Call us 01582 469003 for a chat.


Wedding Photographer Buckinghamshire